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Article: Our Top Tips to Love Your Knits - Newsletter 17/6/24

Our Top Tips to Love Your Knits - Newsletter 17/6/24

Our Top Tips to Love Your Knits - Newsletter 17/6/24

'One of my goals at Zaket & Plover is to create designs that my customers love, and will want to wear and keep forever. In order for these pieces to have the long and loving life they deserve, taking proper care of garments is super important.'
- Effie, Zaket & Plover Head Designer. 
Here are some of her tried and trusted tips to help keep your knits looking good as new! 

Always check the info tag before washing!

Many of our knits have different compositions, which mean different care instructions. The swing tag has the best care instructions for your knit.
 Our knits are dry cleanable. If hand washing isn't for you, you don't have the time or you're just feeling unmotivated (like us sometimes) dry cleaning is your best friend. Dry cleaning is also a good way to retain the knits original shape.

Knit drying hacks

Knits don't like this...  Drying away from direct sunlight will keep your colours vibrant!
 We use a towel to help my knits dry. Lay the knit lengthways, flat on a clean towel. Then, roll it up and gently press to absorb the water. After unrolling the knit should dry out flat. A clean dry towel, top of a clothes horse or mesh drying rack are great.

Pilling and De-pilling

We can promise you this. Pilling does not mean a knit is poorly made. Pilling is super common for all knitwear products. We use delicate, natural fibres like cotton and merino wool to craft our knits, these fibres have shorter yarns - imagine a piece of wool from a sheep’s fleece, not long! Loose fibres naturally travel to the surface of the fabric where they can twist and form small balls or pills. A quick de-pilling and you're good to go. We use our de-pilling comb (which comes complimentary with all winter knits) for this and it's super easy. Gently brush the pills until they come off on the comb. 

Avoid the hanger...

To keep the original knits shape, we like to fold them when not wearing. The occasional hanger is okay, but I try and fold when I can remember! . To avoid pesky moths and yucky moth ball smells, Effie uses cedar wood blocks or lavender filled sachets throughout her wardrobe. 
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