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Article: Newsletter 25/6/24

Newsletter 25/6/24

Newsletter 25/6/24

Hello Z&P family, 
 It's Emma here. Effie has invited me to write this week's newsletter and I am so excited to share my guide to a weekend away down on the Mornington Peninsula. Let me introduce myself.
 I'm Emma. My offical job role at Z&P is Admin Assistant... but I can't seem to stick to job! I love helping out in the warehouse and packing orders, and I also work closely with our marketing and ecommerce guru, Georgia. I really love helping out wherever I can. You might have even received an email from me here and there 😆
 I spent the weekend down on the Mornington Peninsula, the perfect spot for a city break and a cosy weekend. I have spent many years in Flinders and truely love it down there...

Here's my curated guide to a weekend in Flinders.

What to pack

Arguably the most important part of a weekend away. It's winter, and it's sure fresh down here! I always check the weather forecast so I am prepared, but I usually end up packing... At least 2 jumpers! Sometimes 3, like last weekend. I like options 😌 My picks were the Rib Detail Sweater in Muesli, Fleck Spot Sweater in Marl Combo and the Love Yourself Sweater. All these knits are really versatile, which is what I like to pack when I'm going away. It means I can be comfortable and cosy at home, but be dressed to go out if I want.
Next up - bottoms. I pack bottoms again, that are versatile. I want to be able to walk around, but also lounge around, in what I pack. Typically it's jeans and/or track pants. A jacket of some sort is essential. This time I packed a light puffer jacket to wear over my knits (pictured above). Don't forget to pack a good pair of walking shoes/trainers. Scarves, beanies and all the warm accessories and fun of course! This is how I like to spice up my outfits when I have not many base options. The power of the accessories should never be underestimated.
Image of Rib Detail Sweater
Image of Love Yourself Sweater
Image of Fleck Spot Sweater

What to see

Take a wander down Cook Street and see the community. I would recommend visiting the local shops and art galleries, there is something for everyone. We have a few wonderful options in the Flinders village, and some of my favourites art visits include The Cook Street Collective and Hugh Gallery. To shop for homewares, clothing, souvenirs and local goodies, visit Aestas and The Artisan Storeroom
 From the shops you can head to the Pier. A lovely walk takes you from the beach to the Ocean, all while you get to stay warm, dry and on land! The Flinders Pier is now a Victorian Heritage site. It's a very popular fishing location and for swimming in summer (or winter if you dare!), and you can often buy fresh mussels from one of the fishing boats. Yum. 

Where and what to eat

There is so much fabulous local produce down here, so enjoy it! You might come across farmers markets or stalls on your way down. I recommend checking out Hawkes Farm or Torello Farm, which both offer a range of local, seasonal produce. Plus, the drive to both these spots is beautiful. My favourite spot to visit in the morning is Flinders Sourdough, who have some of the tastiest bread, and my favourite - Beach Buns! You can also grab a coffee here too. Fancy visiting a cafe? The Village Cafe and Wine Bar is my go to. Good food, good vibes and a cosy space to relax. It also doubles as a restaurant in the evening.
 For a nice dinner out, head to Moke, who focus on seasonal dining featuring local growers and small producers on the Mornington Peninsula. They have a rotating set menu and it is a lovely spot to celebrate! 
 If you're a seafood fan, check the pier for mussels! We love to buy them fresh from the pier and cook them at home.
 The Mornington Peninsula is well known for its wineries. If you have time for a wine and bite to eat, my top suggestions are Foxy's Hangout and T'gallant. Both of these spots are beautiful, cosy and delicious! Many of the wineries are close to each other, which makes it easy to explore and choose which suits you best.

Walks to do and sights to see

Nature is abundant down here and there is a lot to explore. Starting from the town, you can do what is known as the Costal Circuit walk, where you can walk to the pier, down to the West Head lookout and across to the Golf course. 
 I love to walk along the golf course to the national park beach, Mushroom Reef. At low tide you can see a huge mushroom shaped rock formation and a beautiful view out to sea.
A little out of town is the Flinders Blowhole track, where a secluded path takes you to the iconic blowhole. For those with more time on their hands, Cape Schanck Lighthouse walk is beautiful
That's it from me! I hope you are all feeling refreshed and relaxed after the weekend. I managed to get a few long walks in and a lot of time by the fire 😆 ✨ Stay warm everyone!
 Love, Emma x
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