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Article: Hello from my home island 🏝🇬🇷💙

Hello from my home island 🏝🇬🇷💙

Hello from my home island 🏝🇬🇷💙

Γειά σου! 
That's hello in greek for you all 😉 
 I'm back in Lefkada, Greece. We have a family wedding this month so made a stop over to visit the Island. It is always so nice to come and visit where my family is from. Lefkada is a small island in the Ionian Sea. I've been spending the last week here with my family before we all head to Corfu, where we are going to the wedding.
The beaches here are truely something else. Whilst I have been catching up on some well needed sun, long lunches and family time, the work never stops!
I feel inspired here, and when I'm inspired I need to get my ideas down. My family will always catch me planning colours and designs for next season... that's what table cloths and napkins are for, right?
While there is a dress code of no black' for the wedding... I can never help but pack some 'basics'. I use quotations because to me these are more than basics, they're better than basic. I packed a few t-shirts, one being the Raw Edge T. I love how this feels on hot days, it's a breezy and relaxing fit. The Raw Edge T Dress also made its way into my bag, even though I wore it the whole time I was in Bali. I bring it on every holiday with me... 
Image of Raw Edge T Dress
Raw Edge T Dress -  Shop now
Image of Raw Edge T
Raw Edge T -  Shop now
For those who are lucky enough to be escaping Melbourne's winter, or maybe it's just warm where you are, I have tried and tested these products to be summer proof. They don't seem to stop the humidity getting to my hair, but they always keep me cool and feeling great.
I'm spending the next few offline and relaxing, before we go to the wedding and then head back to Melbourne and straight back to work. I hope everyone is keep well.
Love Effie x
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