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Article: BTS on the AW24 shoot - Newsletter 12/6/24

BTS on the AW24 shoot - Newsletter 12/6/24

BTS on the AW24 shoot - Newsletter 12/6/24

Happy Tuesday!  
It's been a bit of a slower start this week in the Z&P office, long weekends always make it hard to get back to routine! Melbourne has really turned Winter on for us. I noticed this morning that there are no leaves on the trees in our street now. 🍂
 The cold means I get to wear more of my favourite jumpers throughout the week. We have just uploaded over 70 (!!!) new styles online. Today I'm wearing the Pearl Stitch Sweater in this Cerise colour. I like this one because the fabric is super warm and snuggly, it's a blend of merino wool and cotton. 
Image of Pearl Stitch Sweater
 It comes in a few different of colours too. CharcoalIceIndigoBillini and Lagoon.
I've wanted to share some behind the scenes content from our recent AW24 shoot. 
Our wonderful HMUA @kimtavaresmakeup
I love looking back on our shoots for styling inspo when I'm feeling a bit uninspired or stuck. After this shoot these boots have become my new, old favourites! I've styled them so much recently but I honestly forgot I had them! 🤭
Stay cosy,
Effie Xx
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